Caring for children, whether little ones or six-foot-tall teenagers can sometimes be tough. We’re all supposed to enjoy it but for all of us this can be difficult at times. Modern life is full of pressures on you as well as them. Stress of work, money worries, extended family responsibilities and relationship concerns can add to the complex task of bringing up a child. A young person’s world can also be difficult with the demands of school, the dreaded social media, friendships and fears about what’s going on in the world. These things can all create anxiety and cause upset.

Sometimes it can be really helpful to think through what might be going on for your child and the wider family. I have extensive experience of working with parents and carers around issues such as:

  • Concerns about their child’s mental/emotional well-being
  • Concerns about how their family is managing following bereavement or parental separation
  • Concerns about illness in the family

One approach which I’ve found works extremely well is 1 or 2 sessions of consultation. This involves meeting with you for an initial 90 minutes. At this meeting we will explore and discuss the concerns that you have regarding your child or children. The aim is to identify next steps, which may include:

  • suggestions on what you might do to help your child,
  • signposting to CAMHS or another service,
  • child psychotherapy
  • or a combination of these things.

If we agree that a follow-up session is needed, we can arrange this.

What it costs

For parent/carer consultation, my fee is £90 for a 90 minute consultation session. If we decide a follow up session is needed we can arrange this at the end of the consultation or afterwards. My fee for follow up sessions is £60 for approximately 50 minutes.

Get in touch

Please contact me at or give me a call on 07940 720850 to discuss your requirements.